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Copyright © 2020 Martin Robson Art


From a very young age I aspired to be an Artist, I would sit and draw for hours practising shading and colouring techniques and trying to master my art.  I have very fond memories of trying to make my drawings look accomplished and realistic. Those early days of drawing for hours remain with me, and fuel my love of art and the desire to create hand drawn artwork. It’s no surprise, that at school my favourite subject was art, or anything remotely creative. 


 After leaving school I continued to pursue my desire to become an Artist and studied at Art College and University. After several years of study I gained my BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and started my path of working in the Art industry.

My first job was working in an advertising agency where I developed my graphic art skills, creating adverts for posters, newspapers and publications. After a year I decided to take a more artistic direction and moved from advertising to the games industry. Creating artwork for games gave me the opportunity to be an Artist, creating characters, backdrops and fun creations! The introduction of computers into art gave me new skills and over several years I developed a successful career creating artwork for games that have been published all over the world.

Today, I work for myself as an Artist and I feel lucky to be doing something that I love, it doesn’t really feel like a job, more a way of life. I live with my fiancé ‘Jo’ and our dog ‘Ruby’ the crazy Cockapoo! We love to go for walks locally on Cannock Chase and this is where I feel inspired by the beauty of the countryside, wildlife, nature and light. I am lucky to live and work near this beautiful area, where we get to see some magnificent wildlife, including Red Deer, Foxes and a variety of bird species.

I do hope you enjoy my website and artwork. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss my artwork, or to arrange a commission.


Many thanks